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Buy Magic Mushrooms online Welcome to Alpha Psilocybins online, We are Oakland California USA based online dispensary specializing in retail wholesale distribution of the best Psychedelics products like psilocybin mushrooms. .....

Buy Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms) & Psychedelics in Alpha Psilocybin best Mushroom Dispensary in California. We carry Microdose & Hallucinogenic Magic Mushroom (Psilocybe).  gi smddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddds

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Magic mushrooms produce a psychedelic compound called
Psilocybin! The most important thing to know about psilocybin mushrooms is that they’re safe, natural, and effective.

Magic mushrooms are a powerful plant medicine and have a track record of helping humanity treat chronic anxiety, addiction, depression or PTSD.

At lower doses magic mushrooms will boost your creativity, motivation and help reduce anxiety. At larger doses you will experience the doors of perception flung open, time distortion, hallucinations, entity encounters and plenty of deep introspection.

Whether you are taking ‘shrooms for health reasons, to spark creativity or recreation we at Alpha Psilocybin.  don’t discriminate. We love ‘shrooms of every shape, size, flavour, colour, and experience. Popular strains include Golden TeacherPenis EnvyB+ and Mckennaii Shrooms.

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