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Huautla Magic Mushrooms Online

If you’re looking to buy magic mushrooms that’ll make you say woah — your search is over. Meet Huautla— the ultimate shroom that packs breathtaking potency. From its origin to its outrageous open-eyed effects, it has everything a psychonaut could dream of. Found in the land of famous shamans, curanderas, and healers, these magic mushrooms have a shamanistic feel to them. Besides incredible visuals, you’ll feel a unique harmony with everything around you.



2 reviews for Huautla Magic Mushrooms

  1. Neal Winfield

    I like this strain, feels well-balanced. Useful whether I want to micro or head to triptown.

  2. Joel Hubbard

    these Hawaiian Blue Meanies were fantastic! Never fails to surprise me!!!! Totally giggles galore, super intense euphoria, the visual and auditory is beyond any technology that could compare. Kept telling myself this is so amazing don’t ever want to end. I’m so in love with this feeling.

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